The objective of the financial analysis is to explain the mechanism of value creation and to assess the solvency of the company.

Our work consists of a detailed, critical and methodical review of the company's business plan (margin analysis, investment policy, financing, profitability). In particular, we ensure the rigorous selection of economic and market data and their consistency with the appropriate accounting, financial and extra-financial data (environmental, social, governance).
We are most often involved in the preparation of specific transactions (M&A due diligence) and also carry out comprehensive financial analyses providing a global view of the company's economic and financial situation that is useful for investment and financing decisions.

Since its creation, Eurocif has conducted more than a hundred strategic and financial analyses on companies of all sizes and in all sectors, whether listed or not. We have recently extended our services to high-potential green/clean startups.

In addition, we also offer our expertise to public service delegation control missions.


  • Strategic and financial analysis
  • Market and strategic review 
  • Accounting and financial audit
  • Extra-financial audit
  • Benchmarking 
  • Public services delegation control
  • Consistency control
  • Economic and financial due diligence
  • Study of endogenous and exogenous phenomena