EUROCIF experts intervene independently in the identification of damages, in the quantification of financial impacts, in financial, economic and strategic arguments in situations of litigation, disputes, actions for damages in the judicial or alternative phases of arbitration, mediation and conciliation.

The Eurocif teams work alongside managers and the Board of Directors to assess financial and non-financial communication, to draw up relevant information that complies with the principles of the regulatory framework, to prepare all regulatory documents and to ensure that the message is properly disseminated to all target audiences.

Our experience in all financial transactions as well as in crisis situations enables us to reassure the issuer on all of its financial communication and shareholder and investor relations.

Our experts in financial communication ensure the delivery of value-added advice for a better follow-up and attractiveness of the company.


  • Diagnosis of financial and extra-financial communication
  • Production of regulated information, publications and press releases
  • Equity story
  • Presentation documents
  • Investor Q&A
  • Crisis communication
  • Coordination of actions